The notes from this meeting are online. [0] Thanks to everyone who
attended!  Extra thanks to teor for conducting the meeting since I was
stupidly 8 minutes late due to impatiently watching a kettle boil
after eating very spicy cioppino and then *extremely* needing a glass
of iced tea immediately.

We found some issues w.r.t. the specifics of the proposal, but overall
we've agreed that it should be accepted in (roughly, after some minor
revision) in its current state.  As such, it is looking for someone
interested in implementing it!  (THIS COULD BE YOU)

A couple outcomes of this:

 1. What passes for "canonicalised" "utf-8" in C will be different to
    what passes for "canonicalised" "utf-8" in Rust.  In C, the
    following will not be allowed (whereas they are allowed in Rust):
        - NUL (0x00)
        - Byte Order Mark (0xFEFF)

 2. Directory document keywords MUST be printable ASCII.

 3. This change may break some descriptor/consensus/document parsers.
    If you are the maintainer of a parser, you may want to start
    thinking about this now.


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