I've recently found out that new Atlas re-design is not that friendly to
web archive. http://archive.li/ can't properly detect "page loaded"
event that leads to capturing "loading" page[%]. Moreover,
https://web.archive.org/ can't capture #-based links at all, as far as I see.


Ability to archive atlas pages is kinda nice to be able to "cite" some
relay status in some specific date as Atlas has no it's own time machine
and information about relay is purged in a few days after relay going down.
https://archive.li/RzGpJ is better than https://archive.li/JGQRW :-)

I'm not a skilled frontend developer, but maybe trading some Time-to-DOM
making JS loading and onionoo.tpo request synchronous should be
enough to make website friendly for that sort of crawlers... But it's
unclear to me if T2DOM is valuable KPI for Atlas or not :)

What do you think?

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