On 12 Feb (14:32:41), David Goulet wrote:
> Hello everone!
> As an effort to better organize our 0.3.4.x release for which the merge window
> opens in 3 days (Feb 15th, 2018), we need to identify the enhancement(s) that
> we want so we can better prioritize the development during the merge window
> timeframe (3 months).

On my part, I plan to have some scheduler refactoring/changes that requires
quite a bit of changes in the scheduler architecture but overall should
simplify greatly things with Vanilla and KIST (and future schedulers).

- Parent ticket: #23993
  All child tickets are fixes that need to happen for this.
- This will touch also our circuit multiplexing and the connection subystem as
  well (mostly how the outbuf interacts with the scheduler).

The other part would be IPv6 for HSv3. This includes:

- Unify link specifier API/ABI (#22781)
- Put IPv6 link specifiers in client EXTEND cells (#24451)
- Put IPv6 and unrecognised link specifiers in onion service EXTEND cells
- Put IPv6 link specifier in HS descriptor. (not ticket afaict).

There is a huge amount of IPv6 tickets with different tasks, I'll create a top
level parent "Hidden service v3 IPv6 support" ticket and child many tickets
related to this because right now it is hella confusing so we can consolidate
in one place and track progress there. It should also include single onion.

It will for sure touches other part of Tor that aren't HS specific so
hopefully we can overlap this with useful IPv6 implementation work.

That is it for now, in terms of features, I think this is reasonable to be
completed and merged in the next 3 months for 034 merge window.



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