> On 20 Feb 2018, at 04:14, David Goulet <dgou...@torproject.org> wrote:
> The other part would be IPv6 for HSv3. This includes:
> - Unify link specifier API/ABI (#22781)
> - Put IPv6 link specifiers in client EXTEND cells (#24451)
> - Put IPv6 and unrecognised link specifiers in onion service EXTEND cells
>  (#24181)
> - Put IPv6 link specifier in HS descriptor. (not ticket afaict).
> There is a huge amount of IPv6 tickets with different tasks, I'll create a top
> level parent "Hidden service v3 IPv6 support" ticket and child many tickets
> related to this because right now it is hella confusing so we can consolidate
> in one place and track progress there. It should also include single onion.
> It will for sure touches other part of Tor that aren't HS specific so
> hopefully we can overlap this with useful IPv6 implementation work.

I don't know how much time I will have to work on IPv6 in 0.3.4.
But I can prioritise reviewing proposals and code, and revising my existing

Here are some dependencies:

HSv3 IPv6 needs relays to allow IPv6 extends:
#24404 Propose a relay protover that allows IPv6 extends

We also wanted to make relays do IPv6 extends first, to create cover traffic:
#24403 Propose and implement IPv6 ORPort reachability checks on relays

But we can use a consensus parameter instead:
#24868 Check a consensus parameter before activating onion service IPv6 features

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