Nick Mathewson <> writes:

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> On Mon, Feb 12, 2018 at 2:32 PM, David Goulet <> wrote:
>> Hello everone!
>> As an effort to better organize our 0.3.4.x release for which the merge 
>> window
>> opens in 3 days (Feb 15th, 2018), we need to identify the enhancement(s) that
>> we want so we can better prioritize the development during the merge window
>> timeframe (3 months).
>> Each feature should have its ticket marked for 0.3.4 milestone and with an
>> Owner set so we know who is "leading" that effort. It doesn't have to be the
>> person who code the whole thing but should be a good point of contact to 
>> start
>> with (and it can change over time as well).
>> It is possible that an enhancement can have more than one ticket so in this
>> case, please make a "parent" ticket that explains the whole thing and child
>> tickets assigned to it.
>> The network team just had its weekly meeting and if I recall correctly, these
>> enhancement should be planned for 0.3.4 (please the people who works on this,
>> can you tell us the tickets and make sure they are up to date?)
>> - Privcount (prop#280)
>> - large CREATE cells (prop#249)
>> If you plan to do a set of patches for a feature or enhancement, please do
>> submit it on this thread and make sure a proper ticket exists with an Owner.
> My biggest additional wishlist items for 0.3.4 are:
>   * ZSTD tuning (#24368)
>   * Fewer wakeups when idle (#14039)
> And as a reach:
>   * Improved TLS 1.3 support


I agree it's a great idea to prioritize features for the next releases
so that we don't go blind!

Question wrt TLS 1.3: Is it lots of work to support TLS 1.3? And what
do we gain by supporting it? Should we prioritize it for this release or
for a subsequent one?

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