OVH and OVH resellers do seem to have some insane prices.

On the other end, the waterfilling assumption we were working off of was a 
water level of 10Mbps. A server that can sustain that seems quite cheap. In 
fact, a quick Google search for “cheap vps” yielded this offer of a VPS with 
one IPv4 address and a 1Gbps port capped at 2TB/month for $0.63/month: 
<>>. 2TB/month is about 
6Mbps sustained, which falls below the supposed water level and thus gets fully 
allocated to guard probability. Thus to achieve in waterfilling a total guard 
probability equal to that of 1Gbps relay in today’s Tor (taking into account 
the 1/3 loss of bandwidth to the middle position in today’s Tor), one could run 
1000*(2/3)/6 ~= 112 of these at $71/month. This would be cheaper than the price 
below of $100/month for 1Gbps.

Can we get even lower attacking either system…? :-)


> On Mar 7, 2018, at 4:01 PM, Alexander Nasonov <> wrote:
> Aaron Johnson wrote:
>> Currently on OVH the best I could find for hosting just now was
>> $93.02/per month for 250Mbps unlimited
>> (
> $49.99/per month, 500 Mbps bandwidth (burst   1 Gbps ) unlimited
> My new relay runs there
> http://rougmnvswfsmd4dq.onion/rs.html#details/2235E316DF8E737081A365A1386F36035592A6BD
> but I'm not very happy with the setup because this particular offer
> doesn't come with IPMI console and I had to install Proxmox Linux
> and run NetBSD in a virtual machine. Clock isn't very stable even
> with ntpd, I setup a cronjob to hard reset it periodically.
> Alex
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