dawuud <daw...@riseup.net> writes:

>> your IP address. Try to stay under 50 connections to the same
>> relay from your IP address.

> hmm OK. I can limit the number of concurrenct circuits that are being
> built but I do not believe that txtorcon let's me control the number
> of "connections" that little-t tor makes.

I *think* they should be equivalent? Controllers can't control
everything Tor does, though (for example, Tor can decide to set up
circuits to fetch things or do its own measurements).

Related to this might be my own scanner; I keep 20 circuits in-flight at
any one time and am using random guards so it's "very unlikely" I'd even
have two connections to the same first hop at the same time. However, I
don't do anything about timing -- maybe we can take up this discussion
in an IRC channel?

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