So I Retrieved the tor source code from https://github.com/torproject/tor

Here’s one thing I have noticed about the network. I have noticed that there is 
no version of the tor relaying software that will run on Windows. I know 
Windows isn’t the most secure OS to run a relay off of for a few reasons, 
however if there was a version of the tor relaying software that was compatible 
with Windows, this would remove the barrier an quite a number of people who 
want to run a bridge or relay but do not want to have to go through the hassle 
of running a Linux virtual machine or something. 

After just trying to start this project, here is the issue I am already 

The tor relaying software is written in C, which I cannot seem to find any 
compilers for that would work with Windows.

Microsoft Visual Studio would be very convenient here, but I have checked and 
from what I can see it does not support  C, but does support C++ and of course 

Any thoughts on what a good compiler might be to try to port the tor relay 
software to run as a Command Prompt software on Widows?

Let me know your thoughts.

Thanks all.

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