Michael Rogers <mich...@briarproject.org> writes:

> On 10/07/18 19:58, George Kadianakis wrote:
>> here is a patch with an alternative directory format for v3 client auth
>> crypto key bookkeeping as discussed yesterday on IRC:
>>        https://github.com/torproject/torspec/pull/23
>> Thanks for making me edit the spec because it made me think of various
>> details that had to be thought of.
>> Let me know if you don't like it or if something is wrong.
> Minor clarification: line 2298 says the keypair is stored, it might be
> clearer to say the private key is stored.
> Nitpick: should the directory be called "client_authorized_privkeys" if
> it might contain private keys, public keys, or a mixture of the two?

Good points in both cases. Will fix soon (along with other feedback if 

Other than that, what do you think about the whole concept? Too complex?
Logical? Too much?

Cheers for the feedback! :)
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