Hello George!

no problem exists at all and an thank you so much for letting us know.

definitely the safety of Tor has always to come first with no compromises :)

take care,


2018-07-11 12:06 GMT+02:00 Fabio Pietrosanti <fa...@pietrosanti.it>:
> Hey George,
> not a problem if the Tor2webMode goes away, as it was an optimisation 
> introduced years ago.
> Nowadays performance of Tor has greatly improved, so I really feel it will 
> not be an issue for Tor2web use-case, especially now that the one-hop 
> server-side is optimizable for Onion sites that wish to have such an 
> performance improvement! :-)
> Fabio
>> On 9 Jul 2018, at 18:32, George Kadianakis <desnac...@riseup.net> wrote:
>> Hello!
>> It's a semi-secret that tor2web traffic has been blocked from the Tor
>> network when we introduced the DoS subsystem this March [0]. The reason
>> is that a big part of the DoS traffic was coming from one-hop clients
>> continuously hammering onion services.
>> This is something that we've been considering doing for a while (for
>> security and code-complexity reasons), and it just happened naturally
>> during the DoS incident.
>> As part of this, and since the DoS subsystem is going to stick around,
>> we are planning to permanently kill the Tor2Web subsystem of Tor, in an
>> effort to simplify our codebase and our feature list.
>> If you've been relying on tor2web for something, please consider
>> switching to a normal 3-hop client indeed. This is a heads up so that
>> you can let us know if that won't work for you, or you need help
>> transitioning out.
>> Cheers and hope we are not making you sad.
>> [0]: https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/ticket/24902
>> https://blog.torproject.org/new-stable-tor-releases-security-fixes-and-dos-prevention-03210-03110-02915

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