Academic Computer Club (ACC), Umeå University, Sweden hereby announces the intent to provide a download mirror for the Tor dist files. has 20 Gbit dedicated connectivity to SUNET, and enjoys excellent peering towards Europe and US via NORDUnet.

Despite the name, the cluster is heavily optimized for http/https and also provides rsync service.

We sync hourly from rsync://

Mirror inclusion csv:, Academic Computer Club Umea University, SE, Sweden, Europe, 
TRUE, TRUE, TRUE, , , , ,,, 
rsync://, , Fri Apr 13 15:34:07 CEST 

(see also comments below)

* Mirror name

* Mirror organization

Academic Computer Club, Umeå University

* Mirror location

Umeå, Sweden

* Mirror speed

20 Gbps

* Mirror administrator (email)

* Mirror access URLs


*NOTE* that the cluster is highly optimized for http/https, so despite the name we prefer to not publish clickable FTP links. Those who really needs to use FTP can usually figure it out from the site name!

*NOTE2* that the cluster uses redirects to offload requests for large
files to dedicated large-file offload targets. Mechanisms that check
mirror status must not treat this as an error.

Some observations on the mirror list .csv

1) The .csv is in need of cleanup, there is a mix of TRUE/FALSE/True/False/YES/NO/Yes/No that should be streamlined into one flavour.

2) Most subRegion/region entries are most likely wrong? At least there are different interpretations on what it should be.

3) The entry is missing a region entry, causing the rest of the entries to become misaligned

I'd recommend simply loading the .csv into libreoffice or similar to more easily spot the irregularities.

An observation on the Tor download page :

When clicking the download links it seems like the main download links redirects to (which contains only hosts), despite the fact that there are closer mirrors available. While this do offload the main site, it also makes limited use of community mirrors.

Among the motivations for running are the aim to provide excellent service to our region, and omitting use of community mirrors tends to defeat that purpose.

We strongly recommend deploying a mirror redirect service to optimally
utilize your mirrors. In addition to geo-aware redirection,
they usually only redirect requests to updated mirrors that
actually have the file in question.

Mirrorbits comes highly recommended
by many projects that we mirror.

On behalf of the admins,

 Niklas Edmundsson, Admin @ {acc,hpc2n}      |
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