The USB connector on the power cord is a bit flaky.
Babylonian had not received any power for almost three days without me noticing.

Does anyone have an explanation why it pushes more traffic now, directly after 
being offline for three days?
I would have believed that it would receive less traffic now since it has a 
track record of being less stable.
According to Atlas it is pushing about twice as much now after being out for a 


From: Aeris <>
Sent: 03 September 2016 18:06
To: Roman Mamedov
Cc: Farid Joubbi;
Subject: Re: [tor-relays] Why can't I see more traffic? (is my banana too weak?)

> According to 'openssl speed aes-128-cbc' the Allwinner A20 CPU in Banana Pro
> is capable of about 25 MBytes/sec in AES performance. While that won't
> translate 1:1 into Tor performance, as Farid noted in his case the CPU
> isn't being a bottleneck, with only 10-20% CPU load observed.

I don’t understand very well this fact, but CPU can be the bottleneck even if
load or CPU usage not at full capacity.

One of my Tor guard relay have the same CPU behaviour (see screenshot
2 instances at 50-60% CPU usage (as reported by htop), load around 0.70-0.80
(4 cores), RAM at 20% (400MB/2GB) but bandwidth not saturated (20Mbps only on
a 200Mbps line).
Perhaps because of the multiple changes of context (AES crypto, Tor software
logic, network IO…) and so a lot of wait/IRQ (as visible on the screen) and
not a fully used CPU.

> Also seems unclear why it didn't get the guard flag for so long, does your
> public IP address change from time to time? Or do you turn the relay off and
> on for whatever reason.

Perhaps a low bandwidth ?
Babylonian seems to be on the lower part of guard relay (2146/2313), possible
it hadn’t enough bandwith before end of august to get guard flags ?
Only the 25% fastest relays can get the guard flag. Today it’s around 2.5 MBps
advertised / 1MBps measured. Babylonian is just at the limit (2.45MBps
advertised, 600kBps measured).

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