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> for simple - political - reasons, i began contributing otherwise wasted
> bandwith to the tor network about half a year ago. And i am reading this
> list.

> If not, i am seriously reconsidering the futile attempt to engage into
> offering something to the net, that could lead to unveiling users
> activities opposed to what tor seems to promise.

Tor currently has its place at low-level privacy only (research other
corporations, and you are sitting in a competitive corporation, for
example), and perhaps a little darknet research, all only as long as
larger adversaries such as the USA or other Goverments are not entities
you must hide from.

For the future:

 - if you don't own it, you don't control it
 - if you don't control it, it -will- be used against you

So, for longer term, we must build our own physical internet - N2N or
Neighbour to Neighbour network.

One has to start somewhere, so your local residential street, corporate
offices, etc. - build out your own nodes, volunteer to do this for your
corporate partners and / or neighbours. Encourage others. Spread the

When 'the community' properly gets going in this direction, it'll
probably be a good 10 years till we actually have widespread
alternative physical networks, upon which Tor, I2P or future
alternative virtual networks can be designed to work with, to increase
privacy beyond what is possible today.

We start now, from what we have (our current status) as of now. Might
seem silly to say this, but some folks balk at "our own phy network"
saying "that's too big, we'll never get there" etc etc. Which is simply
counterproductive and false fatalism, and arguably subversively

Remember to enjoy the journey :)
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