> Update on my Azure-Exit:
> https://atlas.torproject.org/#details/0534295ACFD5A84312183B41D3FB275E9ADD9EE2
> It already has consensus weight 1200 after less than two weeks and its 
> raising.
> Everyone should use this option to give the TOR-Network a good push. After my 
> free time has finished, i'll try to download an image of this Exit and create 
> a 
> second account on azure.
> Technical question:
> Could it be useful to save the keys and the fingerprint to use it on a "new" 
> VPS 
> to start with better performance?

Yes, keeping the key will help you retain (most/some of) your relay's
reputation (assuming you are moving within the same AS with unchanged

For security implications I recommend you read teor's answers in this

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