On 12/01/16 18:25, pa011 wrote:
> Am 02.12.2016 um 00:19 schrieb diffusae:
>> Hi!
>> On 02.12.2016 00:04, George wrote:
>>> Installing security/arm is simple enough.
>>> pkg install arm
>> Yes, that normally should solve your problem.
>> I've recognized that the dependencies are on Tor v0.2.8.9.
>> You can't install it with security/tor-devel?
> After an update I got - Tor (git-8b0755c9bb296ae2)
> So you say I should better install tor instead of tor-devel?

What did you update?  I'm confused... were you running tor-
(stable in security/tor) and upgraded via pkg(8) and got tor-
which is security/tor-devel?

I tend to recommend security/tor-devel over security/tor, unless you
can't regularly keep the package updated.  The alpha/devel branch will
generally include the latest security fixes and counter-measures to

And on a side note, OpenBSD is likely removing lsof from their ports
tree (see ports@ from today), which is a dependency for the arm port,
but will have it use fstat(1) instead IIRC.



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