Hi Nicolas,

thanks for your fast response.

Nicolas Simond:
> I'll do but I don't know if this has been done since I haven't received
> any response.

Ok so you tried to contact them already? (what email / channel did you use?)

> But all relay have disapeared from the atlas.

Are you saying that more than one of your relays was seized?
I found the following relays (down) with your contactinfo, did all 3 get

| FP       | nickname        | last_seen           |
| 96D67782 | darkstar        | 2017-05-17 09:00:00 |
| 6B356C10 | dustofnightmare | 2017-05-17 09:00:00 |
| C46A33E7 | InFlames        | 2017-05-13 16:00:00 |

Atlas is currently hardly working since its backend
(onionoo.torproject.org apparently has some availability issues).
Atlas also only shows relays that have been running at some point within
the last 7 days (which should not be a problem in this case).


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