Careful. >, but the former is probably too

On Aug 5, 2017 14:59, "Ralph Seichter" <> wrote:

On 05.08.17 22:17, Roger Dingledine wrote:

> [...] I opened two tickets, one for making this particular situation
> less likely to happen again, and another for fixing the whole treadmill
> where people have to edit text files before a new version should come
> out [...]

No longer displaying warnings if the Tor version found is newer than the
recommended versions is of course one way to do it. Atlas displays the
text "Outdated Tor version" in this case, which is decidedly odd and of
course incorrect.

I'm wondering why directory authorities don't pull their list of
recommended Tor versions from a central repository instead of forgoing
version checks, with the list being updated automatically when a release
build is successfully packaged and made available for public download?
Even for my humble set of servers I use a Subversion repository and Cron
to distribute policies and other shared information. ;-)

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