On Sun, Aug 06, 2017 at 04:03:53PM -0400, Dennis Emory Hannon wrote:
> Guide is meant for debian/linux users
> http://backplanedns.org/TOR_exit_dns_resolver_howto.htm

I think the solution to Google seeing so many DNS requests is more
nuanced.  A single organisation seeing that many request is certainly
problematic but so is random ASs on the Internet seeing the same
requests -- which is what happens when you resolve a domain name on the
exit relay.  We also want low query latency and integrity, which
Google's resolver happens to be good at.

While we can quantify all these properties, there is no easy way to
compare them against each other.  Do you prefer an exit relay that uses
Google or one that exposes your queries to numerous ASs, and is also
more likely to be poisoned?

On a more optimistic note, the DNS privacy project is doing some
promising work that exit relays may benefit from:
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