On 08/07/2017 10:53 PM, Dennis Emory Hannon wrote:
> No attitude or hurt feelings. What’s different from my servers compared
> to others? Probably nothing at all….this is just a hobby of mine. One
> would think if I wanted to collect information I would just run an exit
> node myself since I have the resources.
> For those that want an alternative no logging DNS:
> For those that don’t,
> No worries at all, we’ll be here if you change your mind. :D

I appreciate that it's a hobby project, and that's fine, but I choose my
DNS providers carefully. ORSN, and your servers, probably are secure,
but half the battle is the first impression and there are some
improvements that could be made.

First, you mentioned privately that your servers do not support DNSSEC.
Please also consider adding support for DNSCurve so that DNS lookups are
encrypted. Also, HTTPS on all the pages would be nice first step.
https://orsn.org/ returns a self-signed cert. Consider looking into
Let's Encrypt as there is now no financial hardships in acquiring an
certificate. DNSSEC and/or DNSCurve would also go a long way in
convincing Tor exit operators that BackplaneLLC deeply cares about
privacy and security.

Finally, as I mentioned privately, as you said that you added yourself
to the ORSN Wikipedia article, please cite a source for this edit:

The current source of this information is
http://www.orsn.org/en/tech/pubdns/, which lists backplanellc.com, yet
your edit points states backplanedns.org, which is an entirely different
website. I see that backplanellc.com does link to backplanedns.org and
your name is listed in the Contact tab, but neither website uses HTTPS,
so I have no way of confirming the accuracy of the information.


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