Hello priv...@ccs.neu.edu,

DocTor and OrNetRadar detected that someone added 60 tor relays [1] with
your email address in the contact info field on 2017-08-08 between 15:45
and 16:01 UTC.

[1] https://nusenu.github.io/OrNetRadar/2017/08/08/a7.html

Since tor relay contact information is not authenticated I was wondering
if these are in fact your relays? (I guess they are)

You obviously don't have to answer but if you want to I'm curious:

Are these just temporary relays and part of your research or are they
here to stay to increase the capacity of the tor network for more
than just a few weeks or months?

I assume you are not planing to run them for a longer period of time
(>6months), but if you do you: Please consider network diversity when
adding that amount of tor relay capacity.
All your relays are operated in AS "Online S.a.s" - which is already the
second biggest AS in terms of tor network capacity.

| AS Name                     | CW Fraction |
| OVH SAS                     |       15.95 |
| Online S.a.s.               |       13.41 |
| Hetzner Online GmbH         |        7.74 |
| Digital Ocean, Inc.         |        6.65 |
| myLoc managed IT AG         |        2.63 |

Also the country (FR) is not ideal from a diversity point of view.

thanks for running relays,

Note: There is nothing wrong with adding 60 tor relays, especially with
proper MyFamily configuration as you did.

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