On Thu, Aug 10, 2017 at 4:15 PM, Keepyourprivacy
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> I can‘t talk about the source, but there are indeed more and more script
> kiddies out there who use Tor or VPNs just to test around. They hook up
> Linux Kali and thinking they are becoming the next big hacker. I‘ve read
> from another provider which supports tor exit, that they only accept exits
> if mail, irc and ssh ports are blocked, because they are the biggest vectors
> for abuse messages. So i guess you are not alone...

I also got endless complaints about port scans until I removed port 22
from cmutornode's exit policy.  Tried turning it back on a few times,
and the complaints started up again immediately.  It's sad, because
ssh-over-tor is actually quite valuable.

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