nickname: coffswifi 
Provider 1&1 


RunAsDaemon 1 
Nickname coffswifi 
RelayBandwidthRate 300 KBytes 
RelayBandwidthBurst 500 KBytes 
ContactInfo Paul <paul AT coffswifi dot net> 
DirPort 9030 
ExitRelay 1 

I'm running the default exit policy... 

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Sent: Saturday, August 12, 2017 12:03:20 AM 
Subject: Re: [tor-relays] New Here 

Thanks for running an exit! Mind sharing your torrc configuration? Maybe 
something is wrong in there... 

Which provider are you using? Tor relay nickname would be helpful too 

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Subject: [tor-relays] New Here 
Local Time: 11 August 2017 3:50 PM 
UTC Time: 11 August 2017 1:50 PM 

Hi all, 

Have been running a mirror for a couple of years and haven"t had much time to 
dedicate to and exit node but have finally committed to it. Found a provider 
that doesn"t seem to have a cap on data and it will cost me about five euros a 

Question I have is two fold. First I find that sometime 
says the node is down but its running and connected. Secondly how dose the 
bandwidth throttling work. I have set it to 300kbits with 500kbit burst but I 
can see the in/out traffic staying over 1mb for large periods of time and 
bursting to 7/8mb. Its not a problem just curios. 


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