Hi Damian,

On Sat, Feb 3, 2018 at 2:10 PM, Stijn Jonker <sjcjon...@sjc.nl> wrote:
Hi All,

So I'm running two relays, one is running on CentOS7, the other Debian Stretch. On both I have nyx (2.0.4) installed. The "Debian" one is missing the CPU, Exit policy etc info. It's not tor version specific, as I recently
upgraded the tor software on the nodes regularly.

On 3 Feb 2018, at 23:58, Damian Johnson wrote:

Hi Stijn, my first thought is that this might be tor's
DisableDebuggerAttachment feature. It causes proc contents to only be
readable by root. Usually this breaks Nyx's connection resolution but
it can prevent resource usage lookups too. Does setting
'DisableDebuggerAttachment 0' in your torrc cause the data to appear?

For both nodes I have DisableDebuggerAttachment set to 0

If not then the next step is to take a peek at the debug logs. If you
send me the logs on both platforms with any data you feel is sensitive
redacted I'd be happy to take a peek. I only need the first five
seconds or so of logs (just need to see the first resource resolution

There is a lot to remove in those logs :-), but one thing catched my eye whilst comparing both side-2-side (I only looked at the debian one so far). The debian one was running nyx via python3, whereby the centos one ran it with python2.

I did an pip3 uninstall nyx and then a pip2 install nyx on the debian server. Then I had the output on the top right:

cpu: 88.7% tor, 54.8% nyx mem: 866 MB (21.9%) pid: 1344 uptime: 19:02:04
fingerprint: 366BC592BC0154C0CD1D35C0E77D8F2C7F0B843E
exit policy: reject *:*

So it seems to be something python2/python3 related. I'm not sure why I used python3 to be honest.

P.S. If you want the logs, do you mind if I send them directly? Then I don't have to remove all the other tor node details, which is quite a lot that flies by (so this doesn't end up in the public archives - even-though it's public info anyway).


Cheers! -Damian

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