I'd like to highlight a small but important change 
Iain (Atlas developer) implemented and deployed today on atlas.

Previously there was a rare edge case where atlas would say that your relay 
runs an outdated version (with the big red banner some of you might know) 
even though you actually did update your relay already.

This false positive is now gone!

After you update your relay you might see something like this on Atlas (under 
the platform field):

Tor on Linux (version is in consensus)

This is nothing you should be worried about, it is expected to happen after 
a version upgrade.

If it stays there for more than 2 days on a running relay you might consider 
out to this list.

happy relaying,

[1] http://lists.nycbug.org/pipermail/tor-bsd/2018-January/000620.html

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