On Wed, Feb 14, 2018 at 05:39:17PM +0100, TorGate wrote:
:   Hi to all,
:   question: i have testet a config with ORPort 443 and dirport 80, hm but
:   there are a permission issue with freebsd.
:   On my testsystem is no http installed,
:   Can i only install tor on freebsd with orport 9001 and dirport 9030 ?

You can configure tor to use any port that is not in use by another
service, so yes you can set 80 and 443.  If you did have httpd
installed it would probably be using those ports so tor could not.

Ports <1024 are "priveleged" so you may need to be running as root to
use 80 and 443.


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