My home router allowed middle relay BlasDeLezo 
D27EAC9DFBABFABF048986D9E69877EA89DDD028F82 for more than two years. In May 
last year it 
stopped working and since then I have not been able to help the Tor network 
again. Besides trying my raspberry pi (raspbian), I tried it 
with the desktop computer (freebsd). It has to be something else. I'll keep 
digging. Thanks for your help T

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Date: 21/02/2018 22:04 
To: <>
Subj: Re: [tor-relays] Not in the cached consensus

> On 22 Feb 2018, at 03:32, "" <> wrote:
>>> On 20 Feb 2018, at 23:02, "" <> wrote:
>>> My LorneMalvo relay not in the cached consensus. Flags ok: running, v2dir, 
>>> valid according to consensus-health.
>> Only 4 of 9 directory authorities see your relay as Running:
>> Maybe your relay can not support enough connections for Tor.

>> Try running a bridge instead.
> With an ADSL 300/30 Mbps?
> ...

Yes, many home routers do not support 7000 connections.

>>> No estimate of my bandwidth never. Why?
>> You need 3 votes from bandwidth authorities to have a measured bandwidth.

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