> Sorry, I meant to write "connection getinfo".
> And I'm not sure that the original reasoning applies: if Stem is getting the
> information from other sources anyway, why don't we just provide it
> through Tor?

Ah! Gotcha. No argument from me.

> Its worth noting that I have seen circuits on arm / nyx as part of reach
> ability tests like this (ref:
> https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/ticket/12956):
>            --> (fr)               3.1m (CIRCUIT)
>  │ (se)      ParadiseTorRelay1                   1 / Guard
>  │ (us)         VERITAS                             2 / Middle
>  └─ (fr)      EuropeCoastDE                       3 / Exit
> However this is the first time arm has shown me "exit" connections like list
> on first email.

Hi Gary, *this* is the thing Roger was talking about. With Nyx this
should be labeled as 'End' rather than 'Exit' to cut down on the
understandable concern the later term causes. :)
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