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> Simple question:  Do Tor middle relays and bridges work on cloud systems?

I use AWS, I and it is fine, they also have a fat internet connection :-).
Amazon have EC2 and Lightsail. EC2 is more for hosting many servers/VM's,
Lightsail is basically the same thing but a bit easier to use. AWS have a
years free trial, but I think its limited to 30GB data transfer a month.

I have never received any abuse emails relating to tor, and looking through
Atlas/Relay Search there appears to be others using AWS as well.

One thing to watch out for Data Usage, make sure you set accountingmax in
torrc. They get many SSH login attempts - On EC2 take the time to set up
Security Groups correctly and on Lightsail you can simply disable access to
port 22, re enabling it only when you want to connect.

I have tried the other big cloud providers. Microsoft Azure plays better
with Linux then you might expect but is far from perfect. Google Cloud is
just far too complicated for running one or two VM's, but all three have
free trial periods. Make the most of these to find a service you like,
remembering to set accountingmax in torrc to avoid getting a fat data bill
at the end of the month.

There are also other providers, of course they vary from very tor friendly
to not at all and from cheap expensive.

Hope this helps.
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