> On 14 Mar 2018, at 01:28, Paul Templeton <p...@coffswifi.net> wrote:
> Thanks nusenu
>> I'd say this is broken network and ask them to fix it.
> Ticket has been lodge but it takes for ever to get something done - The node 
> has been off line for two weeks now (After a power issue in the rack). There 
> has been issue after issue getting the system up again and now this. Was just 
> wondering if you can force DNS requests on ip's and/or 
> as they are not affected.

Tor doesn't have a DNS OutboundBindAddress, but there are two ways you
can do it:
* change the default route to one of these IP addresses
* run a caching resolver, and tell it to bind to one of these IP addresses

I would recommend using a caching resolver, it puts much less load on the
remote resolvers you are using.

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