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> Emne: Re: [tor-relays] No stable flag from 6 out of 9?
> Hi Ole,
> Ole Rydahl:
> > I'll be patient! (It took a while to obtain the stable flag from my wife
> > too.) /Ole
> It seems that your relay has gained the stable flag, can you please re-enable
> IPv6 connectivity so that we can find if that was the issue?
> Thanks,
> ~Vasilis
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Hi Vasilis,

I enabled IPv6 yesterday evening. The relay maintained the flags including the 
stable-flag and got the additional IPv6 flag.

As far as I can see, there is a quite large difference in the required 
"running" period between the 9 directory authorities. I interpreted that as an 
issue with my setup. 3 authorities voted stable after a few days, while the 6 
remaining needs almost 30 days of observed running before granting the 

Regards Ole

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