Dear Colin,

Perhaps your new role would cover this - I understand from the list that the 
uneven distribution of the Tor network around the world is a concern.  My first 
thought is that I should run a relay in India, which has a robust internet, and 
speaks English.  However, I don't know whom to contact over there to set 
something up.  I was wondering if it might be worth producing a list of ISPs 
and urls in preferred geographically distributed countries.  

Maybe we have this resource already, but the closest page I've found is the 
Good/Bad ISPs page:
but that includes mostly countries with  high percentages of tor relays, and is 
mostly about ISP responses to exit nodes.

If I were a new person who wanted to run a relay, I would probably use the 
cloud provider I know about or have connections with already.  If I had a list 
of providers/urls in other countries, however, there would be a better chance I 
would set it up somewhere else.

Just thinking..


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On May 16, 2018 11:47 AM, Colin Childs <> wrote:

> Hello tor-relays!
> My name is Colin Childs, I have been the support and translation coordinator 
> at the Tor Project for a number of years. I am also a founding director of a 
> TorServers partner named Coldhak here in Canada.
> Recently, my role within the Tor Project has changed, and I am starting as 
> the new relay advocate (as well as localization coordinator, until this 
> responsibility can be reassigned). My job will be improving the health / 
> happiness of the relay operator community, expanding the relay operator 
> community, and helping improve the community bonds between operators.
> A few of the things I will be working on are:
> 1.  Open a #tor-relays IRC channel (this is now open, everyone should join!)
> 2.  Reach out to realy operator groups / individuals to introduce myself and 
> solicit feedback (beginning today)
> 3.  Plan a relay operators meet-up at PETS in July (details to come in 
> another email)
> 4.  Form a team of trusted technical and legal volunteers able to help 
> operators around the world.
> 5.  Organizing a larger "relay operator summit" event
> 6.  Working with operators to resolve some of the recent issues brought up on 
> this list (DNS provider, DNSSEC, EOL releases, etc..)
>     While reaching out to operators is point 2 in that list, if you have 
> suggestions or feedback that you'd like to send, please do not hesitate to 
> reach out to me! I would love to hear from all of you with the things you 
> would find most helpful from me / the Tor Project. While I cannot guarantee 
> we can facilitate every request, we will do our best to help!
>     I look forward to working with all of you in the future, and I hope 
> you're having a great week!
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