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> On 09/08/2019 06:28 PM, teor wrote:
>> Here's our advice for exit relays:
>> * don't run them at home, if you're at risk from the police assuming the exit
>>  traffic is your traffic
> Excellent & standard advice, but I wonder what legally constitutes a
> home or one's property. Can you (technically) set up a non-profit in
> another room on campus? Say you have a farm with several buildings,
> etc.  Curious as whether this has been tested!

We give this advice because most people don't want police coming to a
location they or their family/housemates you may be in danger from a
police raid, or where the police may seize all the devices in the house.

Some people don't realise that police do things like this.

It's not about the legal definition of a "home", which may vary between


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