Tor-related work completed by the Pearl Crescent team in January 2016
(Kathy Brade and Mark Smith):

* Tor Browser Updater:

We fixed a few bugs related to the new "display changelog after update" feature that is part of Tor Browser 5.5:
  "Changelog after update is empty if JS is disabled" (unresolved)

  "Changelog after update is empty on Windows"

  "Update on non-en-US alpha bundles results in empty dialog"

We also got involved in the discussion within this Firefox bug:
  "Firefox updates should use HTTP because HTTPS is unreliable"
(it no longer looks like Mozilla will switch away from HTTPS without carefully considering the consequences).

* Tor Browser and Torbutton:

We helped with the 5.5 and 6.0a1 Tor Browser releases.

We investigated and developed a fix for a critical website compatibility regression that we introduced in Tor Browser 5.5:
  "Iframe based AJAX call blocked by popup-blocker or opening
   in new tab"

We developed a patch for another regression that was introduced a while ago:
  "about:tor update arrow position is wrong (Retina and zoom)"

We continued to work on changes to the on-disk layout of the Tor Browser app on Mac OS to meet Apple's code signing requirements (work in progress):
  "Tor Browser on OS X should not store data into the
   application bundle"

We triaged various tickets.

We reviewed many patches created by other developers, including for tickets #16322, 17931, 17965, 18017, and 18099.

* Tor Launcher:

We published and then revised our patches that make changes to the configuration wizard user experience. These changes are included in Browser 6.0a1.
  "setup wizard UI flow improvements"

We investigated a spurious error message that was introduced by the above changes and filed the following ticket:
  "attempt to open a socket after DisableNetwork=1 transition"

We also reviewed a fix for #18113 and triaged various Tor Launcher bugs.

* Miscellaneous Activities:
   We participated in the weekly Tor Browser and app team meetings
   on IRC, and in various design discussions on IRC as well as on
   the mailing lists.

* Planned for February:
 - Revise the on-disk layout of the Tor Browser app on Mac OS
   to meet Apple's code signing requirements (see #13252).

 - Assist with Tor Browser 5.5.x maintenance.

* As Time Permits:
 - Work with UX researchers to ensure that their Tor Launcher
   research is productive. See the discussions on the UX
   mailing list or visit:

 - Assist with backporting of patches to the Firefox ESR 45 codebase
   and with the other work related to ESR 45. See:!=closed&keywords=~ff45-esr&order=id

 - Work on other Tor Browser, Tor Launcher, and Torbutton usability

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Pearl Crescent, LLC
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