# Activities of September 2016

- Finished initial development of the prop224 ESTABLISH_INTRO
  branch. The branch is currently sitting in needs_review state at
  #19043. This is basically half of what's required to implement the
  whole relay-side of prop224, according to our implementation plan:

- Spent time reviewing, testing and refactoring David's prop224 HSDir branch.

- Wrote a blog post about the onionbalance tool:

- While developing #19043, I needed some more methods out of trunnel. I
  submitted a feature request #20138, Nick implemented it instantly, and I
  reviewed it. It's now merged!
- Reviewed various Tor tickets including:
   tor#19998: Stop allowing 3DES in TLS ciphersuites
   tor#20001: Infer running and valid from presence in consensus

- Gave a talk on onion services at the Bornhack hackercamp.

- Attended the dev meeting in Seattle.

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