Is it secure to use Tor with HTTP proxies? Like this:

Use proxychains and in /etc/proxychains.conf use:


# defaults set to "tor"

socks5 9050

In "standard" Firefox (not the TBB) set Manual Proxy Configuration to a HTTP 
proxy and use the same proxy for all protocols. Make sure Remote DNS is ticked.

Assume that the HTTP proxy is legitimate.

From the command line run:

proxychains firefox

Traffic will be routed by proxychains through Tor then is transferred through 
the HTTP proxy.

You may say that this is a bad idea since HTTP works at the application layer 
and hence traffic can be intercepted by the provider of the HTTP proxy (unlike 
SOCKS proxies which work at the transport layer (I think)). But if the traffic 
from the user is always to a HTTPS site, then why should there be a problem 
even if the content was intercepted?

I know that you can also use proxychains with SOCKS proxies but my questions is 
specifically about using proxychains with HTTP proxies.
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