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"Liverman does not believe that was the case however, and that the FBI used 
illegal tactics to aid in their arrests. The method he believes that they 
employed are in line with the highly controversial amendments to Rule 41, which 
would allow for the agency to hack and surveil an unlimited number of computers 
and devices globally, without a warrant. These amendments are not currently 
law, as the deadline for Congress to strike it down is December 1.

“They mentioned something about me and Cracka using similar tor nodes, so it’s 
possible that they utilized their malicious tor nodes for MitM Jabber servers 
which we mostly used to communicate,” Liverman detailed.

The amendments also remove jurisdiction limitations, allowing the FBI to obtain 
a search warrant in, for instance, Virginia and then hack computers across the 
country using Network Investigative Techniques (NITs). "

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