On 11-03-18 14:16, kact...@gnu.org wrote:
> [2018-03-11 09:49] Udo van den Heuvel <udo...@xs4all.nl>
>> On a new x86_64 firewall I notice that a freshly built obfs4proxy does
>> not want to bind to a port below 1024 and becomes defunct.
>> A port > 1024 works OK.
>> How do I make things work for ports below 1024?
> Wild guess. You are aware, that port < 1024 are so-called privilleged
> ports, and require root to open (at least with Linux), do not you?

I am aware of the difference.
Things did work on the old (firewall) box.
Things now appear different.
User root starts the thing but of course the tor user is used for normal


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