Are you aware that the FreeBSD project indiscriminately block all Tor users
from their official forums? Not even read access.
This is a problem because the forums are a vital source of help and
solutions to problems.
Why do you block even read access if not to send a very aggressive message
*against* Tor users?

On Fri, Mar 30, 2018 at 11:28 AM, grarpamp <> wrote:

> BSD's are a family, with FreeBSD the largest userbase.
> It's has been around in essentially the same admin
> form for 25+ years... base = kernel + userland, then apps.
> mini-memstick found above can be written to USB and
> directly used as a "live" system without "installing" it.
> Write it to a 16G USB, boot it, add some more
> ZFS partitions and customize it from there.
> Or "install" it to a second USB which is also "live".
> They don't preload the base images with their
> own idea of app sets, in fact /usr/local is empty
> for you to choose what you want... X, window manager,
> shells, browser, MUA, etc.
> There's around 31,000 prebuilt application packages.
> Choose your list and 'pkg install <packagename>'
> each one.
> The latest versions of all those mentioned are in there...
> Tor
> OpenVPN 2.4.5
> OpenJDK 8.162.12
> I2P 0.9.33
> Freenet - Not yet, but as with I2P, grabbing the jar
> and following the docs is easy enough.
> Also mentioned was 'kenel hardening', 'secure OS',
> and 'slick'... a bit meaningless without further
> explicit example, use case, threat model.
> People can join HardenedBSD, TrustedBSD,
> create new, or use as is after seeing what's there.
> OpenBSD is pretty awesome too.
> With OPNsense, TrueOS and FreeNAS, DragonflyBSD,
> NetBSD, NAS4Free making up most of the rest of the
> current general and specific use space you can search out.
> Yes one problem with "linux" is you have to learn both the
> way of linux *and* the way of whichever distro on top is
> pulling the fragmented bazaar together, then maybe discover
> the first random distro out of dozens is not a good fit,
> or the distro guts and remodels itself on a whim, then take
> a shot at another random distro... a lot of time wasted on
> the distro layer alone. Do that problem two or three times
> and were probably better off running 'Linux From Scratch'.
> There's also people doing some
> BSD + Tor / TBB project you could try / join.
> Even Whonix.
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