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    Dear all,


My original email was:

    I'm honoured and glad to announce the beginning of the next phase
    of ToriOS development cycle.

    ToriOS 1.0 has been officially released:

    And now, we need to move forward and start a new page. It's time
    for more achievements and challenges.

    I'll make this as short as possible and ask for your kind vote.

      * *ToriOS 1.xx* series/releases/versions will bring no major
        changes but bug fixes + updated packages.
      * *ToriOS 2.0* will be bring major changes or new features NOT
        only updates, fixes, etc.
      * *ToriOS 2.xx* series/releases/versions will bring updates +
        bug fixes.

    That's a very general description and we haven't yet started to
    go so deep.

    I just want to draw the outlines of the future. I just want to
    let you know what I have in mind for 1.xx series and 2.xx series.

    If you have any Q, please ask :)

    My vote is: +1 for the above.

    If you're unsure, please ask!

    Thank you so much ...

-- Remember: "All of us are smarter than any one of us."

    Best Regards,
    Ali/amjjawad <https://wiki.ubuntu.com/amjjawad>

What you have replied below:

    Hi Ali,

    The only major change I can see is a switch in the
    jwm-settings-manager backend.  I have been working on switching it
    from tinyxml2 to pugixml.

    The major reason is that with tinyxml2 if a node does not exist it
    will return NULL, which in turn (without a freakish amount of
    testing which made the code incredibly hard to read/maintain and
    made it very complicated) would make the program randomly crash or
    not open.

    So this is a major change, but the UX will look the same.  There
    will be a few changes to some things though.  I have been fixing
    issues in the original code, as well as beginning to implement a
    few of the other features, but these changes will be minor.  And
    once I get to the point of release I will send it out for major

    Currently I have these parts (mostly) working... I say mostly
    because I have not done any major testing yet.

    autostart (I would like to handle the XDG autostart directories,
    as well as handle making desktop files to do this, which I already
    have a program for this, also using FLTK and I could easily bring
    the code in and adapt it to fit)

    icons (only the directories are listed currently, I have most of
    the code to support Icon themes, and will offer the option to do
    either which is a big improvement IMO)

    keyboard ( I *would like* to add layout/language support but this
    will be put off for a while)

    desktop (better support for some of the file managers
    nautilus,thunar and of course pcmanfm.... however rox will not be
    supported in this version as it is no longer developed and
    non-standard in the way it does things)

    mouse (this now shows a window without synaptic touchpad things...
    i.e. JWM ONLY, if there is no touchpad... which is an improvement)

    fonts (this actually works much better now, as I handle choosing
    the 'bold' or 'italic' fonts, in the current version they do not work)

    themes (everything works that I tested)

    window (window grouping does not work yet)

    shutdown (works just as it should, though I'd like to hide
    suspend/hibernate if the computer does not support it)

    What is left:



    supporting the <Inlcude> and <Dynamic> tags, as well as adding in
    the new features JWM has, though this last point will wait until
    the program is stable and well tested.

    This new version is already MUCH more stable, and will not crash
    if something is missing.  Everything now uses a common 'backend'
    source/include and this can make a transition to a different XML
    library much easier in the future (if needed).  It also means that
    most of the UI is decoupled from the backend code, so using a
    different toolkit (like gtk) in the future could be implemented
    much more easily.  Though I will need to wrap things in



    blocks to remove FLTK code, etc...

    But that is not something for anytime in the future, just a nice
    feature that came with making the code highly modular and much
    easier to maintain.

    This has been long overdue, and has made for many headaches using
    the settings manager.  The new version is faster to load, doesn't
    crash (ever yet) and is going to be much easier to find/fix bugs
    in the future, as well as add new features easily.  The code to
    support new JWM features is probably already in place, as most of
    the different things use the same code base for everything.

    Once this is in place I will move the scripts for configuration
    into a separate package, which will support PPC users (they can
    simply install torios from a PPA that way without the need to
    compile things, or download deb packages).

    That covers most of my update.  I have been busy with real life so
    I have been quite recently, but I have also been busy with c++ too.

    If anyone wants to look at the code, or try a really early alpha
    of jwm-settings-manager 2.0 let me know, but it is NOT ready for
    production yet, and may mess things up (though I haven't had that
    happen yet).

-- Regards

Unfortunately, is not what I was expecting.

We must learn from our previous mistakes:

  * We must work harder on our internal communications.
  * We must have a plan to follow.

The main reason why ToriOS 1.0 took 3 years to release is because we haven't followed the above 2 main points, IMHO.

Moving forward, can we please stick to the topic in each and every email?

Can we save the long details for somewhere else and some other time?

I'll be on Slack, ping me whenever you have time ;)

Thank you!

Remember: "All of us are smarter than any one of us."

Best Regards,
Ali/amjjawad <https://wiki.ubuntu.com/amjjawad>

Hi Ali,

I am very busy, so I posted my reply to the developers list and included you because I want to keep you informed.

The short version of my reply:

I am fixing the major bugs in jwm-settings-manager

A few new features will be introduced, and I think that (once tested) they should go into ToriOS 1.X

The long details were sent to the developers list, where that type of discussion belongs.

So, to reiterate.

I have very little time for e-mail/slack right now, so I wrote my reply to you, but also to keep the developers list informed of what is going on.


jwm-settings-manager 2.0 will be for ToriOS 2.0 but should get into ToriOS 1.X even though it has 'new features'.

Sorry the details made it hard to read.


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