Den 2016-09-18 kl. 22:26, skrev Israel:
Hi guys,

This program will now look for the icon dynamically through the sub

As you can see the Icon= line in this desktop file is:


It has no path, and no file extension currently.

However you will notice there is an icon next to it.  This code works in
the jwm-settings-manager as well, and soon I will be adding in the
nanosvg library to draw an svg icon as well... so far I only support
xpm,xbm,jpeg,gif,png images being drawn in these widgets.  The code
supports this and handles the image drawing in the desktop background
chooser as well as all the other things that draw an image on a button,
or in a box.

There is also a working 'preview' mode to see the text of the file
before saving it.

This program is modular and will accept desktop files as an argument,
and will populate it appropriately...  there are some draw backs...

For example, firefox chooses this Icon:


In the future I will try to extend the code further to search the
current Icon theme for the appropriate icon (though I need to code in
svg support first).

Just a quick visual update.
This program is standalone, but will also be used in the autostart
portion to configure the autostart entries, so it is a dual use program.


Thanks for the update :-)

Best regards

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