Den 2016-12-02 kl. 00:32, skrev Israel:
Hi everyone,

I posted some stuff on github, and picked up another tester...  they
offered some really good feedback, and in turn I have made those
changes, and fixed some of the bugs I did not know existed.

I added the ability to configure the mouse button effects for the
buttons on the panel (menus and, launchers) this now gives a bit more
control.  I also modified the position/autohide portion to include ALL
the actual options (under advanced) as well as simplify the autohide to
a check button.  This will (by default) choose the most sane option for
regular panels, though you can choose any option below in the advanced
settings... you can also manually configure halign,valign,layout, etc...
so this gives power users more control, and also simplifies things for
general users.

I have yet to build the PPA, but I have been doing some extensive
testing.  I have a fully working way to use multiple include files for
the jwm configuration.  This is the way many distros do it (Puppy,
Manjaro JWM) and now we can support bringing in those configurations.

This could be beneficial if someone downloads a configuration and wants
to use it, or test out the configuration, or even make a 'theme pack'
for JWM.  It might be nice to offer additional themes for JWM in a
secondary package at some point.

Hi Israel,

It is nice to read about your progress :-)

Best regards

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