Thanks for the detailed updates Israel ; keep up the good work.  😊

From: Torios-dev 
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Israel <>
Sent: 07 February 2018 4:10 PM
To: torios- dev
Subject: [Torios-dev] text-mode-menu ISO (in progress)

Hi everyone,

I have located the issue within text-mode-menu and everything bringing
it into a fully working version!

However, I had long ago, reworked certain parts of OBI for specific use
inside X even when using dialog, so there are a few things I am working
out to make it work better now.

I have also been really trying very hard to modularize OBI and make it
so I use less functions repetitively.  So, I have brought all the common
code I could into the main sourced file which I have renamed
'obi-functions'  so it is easier to understand in the code (function is
a keyword in bash, so the filename functions might be unclear at times).

I found some more old bugs in doing this.  Some things were not being
caught because there was not error checking to catch these things.  It
has made a lot of problems show up, since I now test the result of most
commands.  Some things just carried on without noticing the error, and
now things stop abruptly.  This has made a lot more work for me, but
things are now logging accurately and being worked out quite well, since
it is quite easy to see which thing failed in what file :)

I am very near having an ISO for public testing, though I still need to
make sure that this next OBI build has everything fixed in it.  I have
only been testing the standard installation mode, but I have tested it
in the text-mode-menu OBI, as well as the zenity OBI.


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