Den 2018-03-02 kl. 06:03, skrev Israel:
Hi everyone,

I have an ISO available for testing:

The zsync is:

This ISO is really big... we are just doing some initial testing with
Stretch here...

Here are the quirks:

The installed system is missing Numix Circle icons, but they are present
in the live ISO.  This is because I am using the Ubuntu Bionic PPA for
numix, which does not yet have the icons present.  I used the xenial PPA
on the ISO, so the live version has the icons.

There may be something quirky in the boot process... please test and
find bugs :)

OH, big change, I almost forgot to mention.... this boots to the
text-mode-menu, which is a dialog menu.  Let me know if anything is
confusing or doesn't work right...

Hi Israel and other toriosadores,

I made a quick test of the new iso file and here is what I found:

1. OBI text mode menu: Used RAM not shown (blank)

(minor bug)

2. Trying to install in text mode:

A lot of escape codes written to screen and then

'Failed to source select-device'

This is a fatal error :-(

3. In graphics mode:

Installing at the basic OBI level works :-)

4. The installed system works (only tested some basic things).

Best regards

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