Hi Paul,
Thanks for testing this!  I have just uploaded a new ISO which I linked
to ToriOS-Testing.iso (I will send a separate e-mail to inform everyone)
Some of the fixes below (the dialog titles in particular) will NOT be
included in the newest ISO... I will rebuild to include them later

On 03/13/2018 11:25 AM, Paul Sutton wrote:
> Hi more install notes
> 1. On the GUI warning screen should the confirm button look like the
> one for the text install, or perhaps have a tick box to say you have
> read the warning ?
The newest version of OBI is a bit different, but it does have a tick
box to confirm, with an arrow pointing down to it
> 2. After confirming my time zone the next dialog box  has
> code - Name
> I can select en_GB for British English but idea what I am setting here
> as there is no title to the dialog box.
> I think this is locale,  (does that mean location)
It is, thanks for pointing this out, I will try to make it more clear
that you are setting LANGUAGE (a.k.a. locale)

You found a bug!
Apparently the variable I used for the Title was different from the one
I set... oops.

This will now say "Select Language" in the Title
There is also one for "Keyboard Layout" which I have made the Title
reflect now
> 3.  A few boxes later,  you get select Model,  this means keyboard
> model, but I think the box should say that.
Thanks for pointing this out as well.
"Keyboard Model"
is the new text
> 4. next box is to select a variant which you can skip,  again if this
> is keyboard, then maybe have this in the dialog title.
This is the new text
"Keyboard Variant"
> 5. When asked about post release updates, I get an error, can't create
> NMClient,  this seems to be due to lack of internet,  which suggests
> the system does not auto matically connect to a network.  And yes the
> system is plugged in to the network.
This is unfortunate.  There is a check in place that does try to find if
the internet is connected before prompting to install updates.  It may
not have worked in that version... I did have to change/fix it recently,
so try again in the newest version and see if it works
> Is there a way to check this during the install process early on ?
> 6. I have documented the install in about 27/28 steps in the manual
> for the GUI installer (even though it is pretty much text based
This is great, thanks for all your hard work!
> Final note I am sure I asked it to log me in automatically however
> upon reboot(well it shutdown and I had to switch the netbook back on)
>  it asked for uid / password.
Yes this is a known bug which IS fixed in the newest version (according
to my testing)
> Hope all this helps
> Paul

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