On 04/08/2018 09:53 AM, Paul Sutton wrote:
> Hi
> I have logged in to a recent previous install and run sudo apt update
> and sudo apt upgrade to upgrade to a more recent release thing.
> Just had a look at the JWM settings manager panel settings.   I can
> set the panel position top / bottom fine.  However if I try and set
> left or right, I would expect it to appear vertically along the side
> of the screen,  however:
> I get a small box out of the side of the screen going inwards,  this
> has part of the Torios Logo on it (Apps menu) at a guess the whole
> small box extends to what would be to the end of the places menu (to
> give an idea on size)
> So it is trying to display something.
> I can still click on this, and get the menu, to change it back.  I am
> not sure if this is due to my netbook screen being small or jwm is not
> rendering the menu properly vertically.
> I have looked at the about ToriOS box and copied that information in
> to the manual (but not uploaded this to anywhere  yet)
> Hope this helps
> Paul
Hi Paul,
Thanks for finding this issue.
The main bug here is that the panel height/width do not change
accordingly.  I guess I am assuming the user knows what they are trying
to accomplish without giving them sane defaults if they do not.
So the issue you are seeing is that your current height/width are just
being transfered and so the panel looks really terrible and misshapen.
I will do some additional checking and assume the user does not
specifically want the defaults *if* they would be really odd.  If the
user is so hardcore they are doing really weird stuff I am sure they can
edit xml fairly well and wont need my program.
Keep up the good work!!


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