Hi all, thanks for the project updates, here is the report I
submitted to the board. LMK if I missed anything.



## Description:
The mission of the Apache DB project is to create and maintain
commercial-quality, open-source, database solutions based on software licensed
to the Foundation, for distribution at no charge to the public.

The Apache DB TLP consists of the following subprojects:
 o Derby    : a relational database implemented entirely in Java.
 o JDO      : focused on building the API and the TCK for compatibility
              testing of Java Data Object implementations providing data
 o Torque   : an object-relational mapper for Java.

## Issues:
There are no issues requiring board attention.

## Membership Data:
Apache DB was founded 2002-07-16 (21 years ago)
There are currently 47 committers and 44 PMC members in this project.
The Committer-to-PMC ratio is roughly 1:1.

Community changes, past quarter:
- No new PMC members. Last addition was Georg Kallidis on 2020-08-26.
- No new committers. Last addition was Tobias Bouschen on 2021-01-19.

## Project Activity:
Recent releases:

Derby- was released on 2022-06-15.
JDO 3.2.1 was released on 2022-05-25.
JDO 3.2 was released on 2022-02-01.

- The Derby community successfully completed their verification
of Derby support for JDK 20.

- JDO project is working on sonar cloud reports that will improve
the quality of the code. We have already fixed reports under
the category of Reliability and Security. Still working on Maintainability.

- The Torque community are continuing development work on the
version 5.2 code. There has been some new interest in the Torque
user community with some new contributions from the community.

## Community Health:
It was a quiet winter for the DB subprojects, with reduced activity
in some areas but a few welcome increases in activity, such as the
new user community interest on the Torque subproject and the
appearance of a possible new Torque committer. Torque community
have called a vote for the new committer; the results are expected
in the next reporting period.

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