Hi Torque Devs,

I close the voting now after fourteen days.

Casted votes are as follows:

[+1] Georg Kallidis
[+1] Jeffery Painter
[+1] Max Philipp Wriedt (non-binding)
[+1] Thomas Vandahl

That is, we have three (binding) approving votes and one non-binding in favor 
of the release.
As a result I continue publishing the release candidate and update the site.

The remarks/considerations from Thomas and Max might be moved to the Apache 
wiki, but the Apache DB project does not use it yet.
We should check them later in this mailing list thread ( I mention it here only 
to not forget it, without the need to create an JIRA issue).

Thanks to all the voters!

Best regards, 


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Von: Kallidis, Georg <georg.kalli...@fu-berlin.de> 
Gesendet: Mittwoch, 8. Mai 2024 15:55
An: Apache Torque Developers List <torque-dev@db.apache.org>
Betreff: [VOTE] RC Torque 6.0 based on staged repository

Hi Torque community,

a release candidate for Torque version 6.0 has been prepared (closed in 
nexus.apache.org) and is open for voting!





 This release contains the following updates (from SVN Messages and JIRA):

Dependency Updates:
- Minor updates for Commons-configuration2 to 2.10.1, commons-dbcp2 to 2.12.0, 
commons-lang3 to 3.14.0, commons-io to 2.15.1, mockito to 5.11.0
- Parent apache to v32
- Log4j version 2.23.1 and patch update junit jupiter/launcher version to 
5.10.2 / 1.10.2
- Major update org.eclipse.jgit from to
- Minor version update log4J2 to 2.20.0
- Add missing junit dependency and update fulcrum-testcontainer to 2.0.0 in 
torque-runtime module
- Fix version of checkstyle plugin dependency com.puppycrawl.tools checkstyle 
to 10.15.0
- Remove jacoco profile as with dependency update to 0.8.12 restriction is 

Plugin updates:
- pmd to 3.21.2, jxr to 3.3.2, spotbugs-mavdn-plugin to,spotbugs to 
4.8.3, checkstyle to 3.3.1, compiler to 3.11.0, rat to 0.16.1
- maven-project-info-reports-plugin to 3.5.0, major update wagon-ssh-external 
to 3.5.3 from 2.2
- surefire plugin to v3.2.5, fulcrum-testcontainer to 2.0.0,
- dependency-check to 8.2.1, maven-ant to 3.1.0, javadoc to 3.5.0, 
build-helper-maven-plugin to 3.3.0
- Exclude geronimo-jms_1.1_spec and use javax.jms-api v2.0.1 instead.
- Minor version update spotbugs-maven-plugin from to with 
spotbugs v 4.7.3 as old version was not compatible with newer java (20) version.

- docker-maven-plugin version to 0.44.0, update postgresl to 15.2 in DOCKERFILE,
- testcontainers to 1.19.7, postgres.jdbc version to 42.6.
- derby, hsqldb 2.7.9  (minor updates)
- mysql dependency to renamed artifact/groupId and update version to 8.0.33. 
update testcontainer to 1.18.

- Set minimal maven version to 3.9.0, use compiler.release (java > 9),  set 
java version to 11
- Remove xerces dependency as package org.xml.sax conflicts with default java 
11 (9) system module packages

- Handle null-encoding, make tests less chatty
- Eclipse cleanup
- Remove deprecated code
- Update JCS to 3.2

TORQUE-365: CountHelper doesn't work, when Criteria has "setDisctint()"
TORQUE-364 (Incomplete): RecordMapper very slow on many columns in table. 
Thanks to Mwried's code suggestion introducing a MapperStrategy in generated 
mapper code, but allow for as much backward-compatible code as possible. Use 
options.properties to configure integration in template recordMapperBase.vm: 
Options torque.om.useMappingStrategy and mappingStrategySort are checked (both 
by default true). Add static SQL expressions and use them together with lookup 
set in loop in processRow method.
TORQUE-367: (Workaround) Prepare for release of Apache Maven Plugin Tools 
version 3.12.1 (still 3.12.0)
TORQUE-363 added new constructor for Criterion with SqlEnum as second value.
TORQUE-363. Adding Criterion isNull test
TORQUE-362 Resolve follow-up error
TORQUE-361: fix: Lazy initializing GroovyShell with class loader from 
unitConfiguration (unit descriptor classloader) and if null using default.

- Suppress CVE-2022-41852/ and add preliminary fix in SourcePath
- Suppress CVE-2022-40160 CVE-2022-40159 found be invalid and CVE-2022-41852 as 
rejected for commons-jx-path.

- Use non deprecated Float, Double or Number initializers instead of new 
constructors (Java 11)
- Use Charset where appropriate
- Add link in javadoc for two arg constructor Criterion
- Test: Update Mock.initMocks using wrapper class
- Remove in Torque.properties durationBetweenEvictionRuns which requires now a 
duration since dbcp 2.9.0 and commons-pool2 2.10.0
- Make field last..Criteria transient
- Allow Duration text format in configuration
- Include MariaDb alias, Driver class for MariaDB v3 and map to MysqlAdapter to 
allow jdbc:mariadb connection url and database configuration. Fix MariaDb alias 
to mysql adapter.
- Update criteria javadoc to be more explicit about the required type if it is 
a value from database (e.g. a column) as in criterion class.
- Use getDeclaredConstructor in reflection calls
- Allow in mysql ddl default charset
- Fix unchanged database-5-0.xsd in module site (from torque-templates, which 
has an updated version 5.1 in the 5.0 namespace) and provide new 
database-5-1.xsd (currently identical). Add (copied from module site) 
database-5-1-strict.xsd and database-5-1.xsd in module torque-templates. Add 
5.1. Schema.
- Add test for another constructor call in CriterionTest.java
- Fix options in mysql, which hast to be set _after_ (create_definitions) 
(round brackets)
- Reorder and add some more options for mysql "table create options" outlets 

 JIRA issue set for v6.0:

- Tested with JDK openjdk version "20" 2023-03-21




Please verify this release candidate carefully, give feedback or/and vote

 [ ] +1 release it
 [ ] +0 go ahead I don't care
 [ ] -1 no, do not release it because

Thanks to all contributors!

Best regards, Georg

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