Hello Stefan!

This could be implemented by reserving a return code for “finished without 
error, go to next” and one for “finished without error, go to previous”
and the calling application could react by starting a new TMerge instance for 
the previous / next file. Then there would be no need for
storing the temp files for TMerge.

I have no opinion (yet) whether or not this function would be a good idea, 

My commits often consist of a mix of all kinds file types, including office and 
special XML files with custom diff tools registered (a GREAT thing, by the way).
“Next” would be really useful only if all those diff tools including the office 
diff tools would implement it -- hardly possible.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen
Dr. Hartmut Niemann

Siemens AG

Von: Stefan via TortoiseSVN [mailto:tortoisesvn@googlegroups.com]

TMerge does not have the means to fetch files from a working copy, especially 
not from a repository.
To make this work, we'd have to fetch and save all the possible files to a temp 
location and then pass the full list to TMerge. Now imagine a commit dialog 
with 200 changed files...

So no, that feature won't be implemented in the near future. Sorry.

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