Am Dienstag, 27. Februar 2018 20:27:47 UTC+1 schrieb Stefan:
> Sorry, but that's not a bug in TSVN.
> It's clearly a user error. You can not create such filenames and use them on 
> Windows. It's simply not possible. If you want to use svn on Windows, you 
> have to respect the limitations of the file system. Just FYI: you can't use 
> such filenames on Linux either if you check out to a flash drive.
> So, you have to rename those files manually or you can write a script and use 
> the svn command line client to do that.
> And no: having svn automatically rename those files would not work. No matter 
> what filename you chose as a 'safe' variant, there's always the chance that 
> such a file already exists.

I'm very disappointed about this fine excuse! I'm a embedded software developer 
and I understand you. Of cause it's not directly the bug of TSVN. Its a bug of 
Windows NFTS. So the local copy is damaged. I wish, I had a chance to use ext4 
in Windows. But its f*** Microsoft Windows. 

Also I accept it! Thank you for your support


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