when merging a revision which produces a text conflict, TSVN actually brings up the following dialog:

The title states: "Edit Tree Conflicts". Is this just an issue with the title being misnamed or does this conflict trigger the "wrong" resolution dialog for me?

Also from a plain user's point of view, I'll have a very hard time teaching our devs what these terms (i.e. "base") mean. Also the current order/presentation of these option will make it utterly hard to find the correct one.

Postpone, Accept incoming, Reject incoming, and Edit will be the options which IMO will be the most common ones to resolve text conflicts. Accept base, Accept incoming for conflicts, and Reject conflicts will be the least ones (I doubt that without a presentation of which lines exactly conflict anybody would ever chose the "Accept incoming for conflicts" option and without knowing what the base contents is, the "Accept base" option is close to unusable either for the majority of the users --- I stand corrected of course, since this is just my own opinion without any empirical numbers supporting my point :) ).

Last but not least the description for "Edit" doesn't seem correct in my case either --- it says: "change merged property value in editor" --- it's an incoming text conflict I'm looking at here, so I take it this should state: "manually resolve conflicts" or "open merge tool" or something like this, no?

Stefan Hett, Developer/Administrator

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